History of the FPCS in Vancouver

In 1916, several families in Vancouver invited Rev. Donald Beaton from Scotland to come to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to conduct some church services for them. Rev. Beaton came to Vancouver, and the following year a petition was sent by the adherents to the Synod of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland (FPCS), requesting spiritual oversight.

In 1922, construction of a church building was completed and the Vancouver congregation was formed. A medical missionary, Mr. Donald Matheson, ministered to the congregation from 1922-1928, with the help of Mr. Hugh McKay (who was a ruling elder).

From 1922 to 1952, several ministers from Scotland served the congregation for several months at a time. In 1952, Rev. Dr. McDonald became the first (full time) minister of the Vancouver FPCS congregation. Prior to his arrival, Rev. McDonald had been a medical missionary in what is now known as Zimbabwe. He served the Vancouver congregation until the early 1970s.

From circa 1975 until 1989, a minister and other officers served the congregation. In 1989, many of the congregation left to join another. For many years FPCS public services were continued and the property was maintained by Mr. John A. Macleod.

In 2014, some families formed what was then called the Vancouver Reformed Church.  Soon after formation, this congregation approached the FPCS in inquire about the prospect of joining the denomination.  In 2017, the church was brought under the oversight of the Chesley, Ontario Kirk Session of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland.


FPCS History

The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland was formed in 1893, to enable a continued faithful witness to the historical, reformed church of Scotland.

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