Musical Instruments used as Types and Shadows – James Renwick (1662 – 1688)

From his testimony

Being in a special way sent to this land by the faithful, wrestling true presbyterian party of the purely reformed church of Scotland, I desire, wherever I am, or may be, to contend for that cause against all error, and every thing inconsistent with the doctrine of truth. Therefore I testify and bear witness against the vast and sinful toleration of all error and sectaries in the Belgian church, particularly their giving places of power and trust to that erroneous church-destroying party of Cocceian principles; also against their sinful formalities, such as they use in the administration of the sacraments, and such as their formal prayers, which their professors and doctors use in their public and private colleges; and also against all their superstitious customs, such as, their observing of holy feast days, as they call them, the organs in their churches, and the like; all which they have as the reliques [relics] of idolatry; and against every other thing amongst them contrary to sound doctrine and the power of godliness.