Post Millenniallism – John Owen (1616 –1683)

From his sermon to the commons in parliament, “The Advantage of the Kingdom of Christ in the Shaking of the Kingdoms of this World”

That God in his appointed time will bring forth the kingdom of the Lord Christ and to more glory and power than in former days, I presume you are persuaded. Whatever will be more, these six things are clearly promised:

  1. Fullness of peace unto the Gospel and the professors thereof, Isa 11:6-7, Isa 54:13, Isa 33:20-21, & Rev 21:15.
  2. Purity and duty of ordinances and gospel worship, Rev 11:2 & Rev 21:3. The tabernacle was wholly made by appointment, Mal 3:3-4, Zech 14:16, Rev 21:27, Zech 14:20 & Isa 35:8.
  3. Multitudes of converts, many persons, yea, nations, Isa 60:7-8, Isa 66:8, Isa 49:18-22 & Rev 7:9.
  4. The full casting out in rejecting of all will-worship, and their attendant abominations, Rev 11:2.
  5. Professed subjection of the nations throughout the whole world unto the Lord Christ, Dan 2:44, Dan 7:26-27, Isa 60:6-9; – the kingdoms become the kingdoms of our Lord and his Christ (Rev 11:15), amongst whom his appearance shall be so glorious, the David himself shall be said to rain.
  6. A most glorious and dreadful breaking of all the rise in opposition to him, Isa 60:12– never such desolation’s, Rev 16:17-19.