Musical Instruments used as Types and Shadows – Matthew Henry (1662 – 1714)


From his Commentary on 1 Chronicles 15: 1-24

The New Testament keeps up singing of psalms, but has not appointed church-music.

From his Commentary on Psalm 149

Let God be praised in the dance with timbrel and harp, according to the usage of the Old-Testament church very early (Exod 15:20), where we find God praised with timbrels and dances. Those who from this urge the use of music in religious worship must by the same rule introduce dancing, for they went together, as in David’s dancing before the ark, and Judg 21:21. But, whereas many scriptures in the New Testament keep up singing as a gospel-ordinance, none provide for the keeping up of music and dancing; the gospel-canon for psalmody is to sing with the spirit and with the understanding.