Old Paths

Old Paths

Welcome to the Vancouver Reformed Church blog, “Old Paths.”  Following the practice of the Free Presbyterian Church in bringing historical works of piety and theology, our goal is to bring you solidly Reformed literature which is either not easily available on the Internet, or available only in a poorly-scanned form. While we are a Reformed Church in Vancouver, we would like to make this literature available to those around the world who are interested in the Free Presbyterian Church heritage and its witness for the truth (1 Ki 8:57).

Although the greatest Presbyterian and Reformed literature is available in print and on the web, there are still many essays, books and sermons that remain as scanned PDF documents with the old style “f” for “s” letters, making it difficult for the average person to efficiently read these documents.  We are therefore planning to republish some these great works on the Vancouver Reformed Church website.  We will post chapters or sections of these excellent works within the Old Paths Blog section of our website.  Our aim is to bring you work that is edifying and thought provoking.

Our first book will be The Christian’s Daily Walk in Holy Security and Peace by Henry Scudder (written c.1674).  As of yet, we have not found this book in free electronic, downloadable form on the Internet.  This work is full of scripture references (almost every sentence!), so we will have an e-verse feature that will allow you to hover over a referenced Bible passage with your mouse to view the referenced text (in the Authorized Version) as you read along.

Another work we hope to post is a book by John Brown of Haddington.  The title is long, but the topic is very pertinent to supporting what is known as the Establishment Principle (espoused in the original Westminster Confession of Faith).  Here is the title:

The absurdity and perfidy of all authoritative toleration of gross heresy, blasphemy, idolatry, popery, in Britain, in two letters to a friend: In which the doctrine of the Westminster Confession of Faith relative to toleration of a false religion, and the power of the civil magistrate about sacred matters; and the nature, origin, ends and obligation of the National Covenant and Solemn League are candidly represented and defended. 

These letters show what we believe is the biblical view of a government’s role in relation to the Church of Christ.  Again, this work has many scripture proofs so we will use the verse look-up feature.  We will provide more details on these letters in a future blog post.

Blogs posts will also relate to important church announcements, such as visiting ministers/preachers.  Feel free to sign up for email announcements of blog updates (typically once every two weeks).