Scudder:  Starting the Day with Peace with God

Scudder: Starting the Day with Peace with God

From The Christian’s Daily Walk

When you are risen out of your bed, that you may walk with God the remainder of the day, it will be needful that you first renew your peace with God by faith in Jesus Christ, and then endeavour to show your dutifulness and gratitude to God by doing those works of piety, equity, mercy, and sobriety, which may in any way concern you that day. For how can two walk together except they be agreed? Amos 3:3. And how can any walk with God if he be not holy in all his conversation?  You have as much cause to be aware of him, to obey his voice, and to not provoke him who goes before you in the wilderness of this world, to guide and bring you to his heavenly kingdom – just as the Israelites in Exod 23:20-22 had to be aware of him who went before them to keep them in the way, and to lead them to the earthly Canaan, that place which he had promised and prepared for them. It was for this that Joshua told the people that, except they would fear the Lord, serve him in sincerity, and put away their strange gods, they could not serve God, Josh 24:14-19. Otherwise they could not walk with him, for he is an holy God and a jealous God, and will not forgive their transgressions nor their sins.