Scudder: The Second Commandment

Scudder: The Second Commandment

From The Christian’s Daily Walk.  Headings are not the author’s.

Exodus 20:4-6

The sum of the second commandment

The second commandment concerns all such worship of God which He only has appointed; whereby He communicates Himself to man, and man again makes profession of Him: forbidding, under one kind, all such as are not by Him ordained.

The positive side: What is required

Think thus: Have I worshipped God in spirit and truth, in all the kinds and parts of his worship, public and private, ordinary or extraordinary:

  • by hearing, reading, and meditating of his word;
  • by praying, praising, and giving thanks to him;
  • by a right use of his sacraments, baptism, and the Lord’s supper; and
  • by religious fasting, religious feasting, and making of vows, according as I have had special occasion?

Have I done, what has been in my power for the maintaining and promoting of God’s true worship?

Have I, according to my place, executed aright, or submitted unto the government and discipline of the church of God?

The negative side: What is forbidden

Besides the omission of the former duties, am I not guilty, some way or other, of idol worship, conceiving of God in my mind, or representing him to my sense, in the likeness of any creature?

Have I not added to, or detracted from, any part of God’s worship?

Have I not run into the appearances and occasions of idolatry:

  • by [my] presence at idol service;
  • by marriage [with an idolatrous person]; and
  • by needless familiarity with idolatrous persons?

At [the] least, am I not guilty of not hating, but rather lingering after, idolatrous worship?

Have I not been guilty of superstition or will-worship, etc.?