Scudder: The Sixth Commandment

Scudder: The Sixth Commandment

From The Christian’s Daily Walk.  Headings are not the author’s.

Exodus 20:13

A summary of the commandment

God, having set an order in human society, provides for the life and safety of man, who must keep this order, and make this society by forbidding (in the sixth commandment), whatsoever may take it away or impair it.

Questions for reflection

  • Have I had a care of my own health, in [i.e., through] a sober use of meat, drink, labour, sleep, recreation, physic, or whatever else is apt to promote health and to prevent disease?
  • Have I been, or am I [by nature] meek, patient, long-suffering, easy to be appeased, apt to forgive, full of compassion, kind, merciful; showing all these in soft speeches, gentle answers, courteous behaviour, requiting evil with good, comforting the afflicted, relieving the needy, peace-making, and by doing all other offices of love, which might tend to my neighbour’s safety or comfort?
  • Have I wished myself dead or neglected the means of my health?
  • Have I impaired [my health] by excessive labour or sports, by fretting and over grieving, or by any other means?
  • Have I had thoughts of doing myself harm?
  • Have I been angry unadvisedly, maliciously, and revengefully? showing surly [i.e., unfriendly] gestures and behaviour, [such] as sour looks, shaking the head or hand, gnashing the teeth, stamping, mocking, railing, cursing, quarreling, smiting, hurting, or taking away the life of man any way, without God’s allowance?
  • Have I been a sower of discord, or some way or other been an occasion of the discomfort, if not the death, of others?