Scudder: The Third Commandment

Scudder: The Third Commandment

From The Christian’s Daily Walk.  Headings are not the author’s.

Exodus 20:7

The sum of the third commandment

The third commandment concerns the glory of God’s holy name, shining forth in his titles, attributes, religion, Word, ordinances, people, or anything that has in it any signatures of His holiness or excellency; forbidding the taking of it in vain, in all words or actions, religious or common.

Sins of omission

Have I glorified God, by:

  • answering my holy profession with an holy and unblamable conversation;
  • performing all holy duties with due preparation, knowledge and devotion;
  • thinking and speaking of the names and holy things of God with holy reverence; and, in particular
  • fearing an oath?

Sins of commission

Or, have I not:

  • caused the name, religion, and people of God, to be ill thought of, and dishonoured by my evil course of living, or at least by committing some gross sin;
  • been guilty of rash, unprepared, heedless, forgetful, and fruitless reading, hearing, receiving the sacraments, or performances of any other part of the worship of God;
  • thought or spoken blasphemously or contemptuously of God, or any of the things of God;
  • used the name of God needlessly, rashly, wickedly, or falsely in swearing, or lightly in my salutations, admirations, or otherwise in my ordinary discourse;
  • abused the name of God, his Scriptures, his ordinances and creatures, using them for other purposes than he allows, as, for sports, charms, or any sorcery, luxury, or the like; or
  • passed by the great works of God’s power, mercy, and judgments, (especially of his redeeming love in Christ Jesus) without due observation and acknowledgement of God therein?