Confessional Documents


Our standard is the Word of God.  We believe that the following documents are agreeable to the Word of God:

Westminster Confession of Faith

Shorter Catechism

Larger Catechism

Directory of Family Worship

Directory of Public Worship

Form of Presbyterial Church Government

The Solemn League and Covenant

The Westminster Confession of Faith and the Westminster Shorter and Larger Catechisms are fundamental subordinate standards of our church, with the Westminster Directory of Public and Family Worship included to support biblical worship in the church and at home.  The Solemn League and Covenant recognises the historical covenant made by what was known at that time as the “three kingdoms” (essentially Great Britain today) and their dominions (which included Canada), and is founded upon the biblical principle an established Church in each nation.

Further Confessional Resources:

FPCS website

Exclusive Psalmody

No Musical Instruments